Force Placed / Lender-Placed & REO Insurance


Force Placed / Lender-Placed Insurance
If you are servicing a commercial or residential loan and determine the property's insurance has not been kept up to date, you'll need to place coverage in order to protect the loan. We have experience working with a variety of qualified carriers and can help you find the one that best serves your Force Placed / Lender-Placed Insurance needs.

REO (Real Estate Owned) Insurance
Whether you acquire residential or commercial properties in your portfolio or on behalf of an investor, we can help find the necessary physical damage, loss of rents or liability coverage needed to protect these REO's. We can also work with you once your coverage is in place to make sure you're able to easily add new REO properties and remove sold properties from your policy.

As more REO's become a part of your total loan portfolio (a more prevalent occurrence in today's market), it's essential you have coverage in place to protect your investments.