“To be honest, dealing with someone that people in the industry recognize and respect has been very helpful, too. The warehouse lenders and investors know they can trust our coverage because Lee is the one who set it up.”
—Jamal Qaimmaqami
Jia Finance

“Really, he just makes it easy for us. He's thorough so there aren't delays in getting our coverage. He doesn't waste my time. He saves us time, which is key to how we can be successful as a business.”
—Dana Smith-Hill
VP Compliance

“Lee possesses a detailed understanding of the mortgage industry and our insurance needs. He is superbly qualified to address the issues that arise and offers immediate attention to our inquiries. His focus on providing excellence in service to his clients has been evident throughout our business relationship. I am repeatedly reassured by Lee and Denise's ability to decipher the variety of coverage issues involving our mortgage business and affiliated businesses.”
—Lisa Cassetta
Corporate Counsel, VP
American Mortgage Service Company

“Lee and his team found a solution for us that was tailored to our company–it only included what was needed, nothing extraneous. That level of customization is what I was looking for from both a policy perspective and a customer service approach. It's why I'm sure that as more of our policies come due for renewal, we'll be working with Lee to find the best options.””
—Ben Kane
Vice President of IT and
Business Operations
American Home Lending USA, LLC

"In 2006, we decided to review our Mortgage Banker's Bond and Professional Liability Insurance. As a broker, Lee was able to price out multiple quotes from multiple carriers and found us a policy that had both a better price and better coverage. Over time, we began to switch more of our insurance (Surety Bonds, Property, Workman's Comp) over to MBIG. In each case, the better pricing we were getting was definitely a factor but the improved coverage we were receiving is really what was key."
—Isabella Pelroy
Licensing Manager
Platinum Home Mortgage Corporation

“Lee was able to tell us exactly what we needed and why. In the past, we used someone who didn't specialize in mortgage banking insurance. They couldn't explain the coverages to us, and they weren't familiar enough with our business to make sure we were properly protected beyond just meeting investor requirements.”
—Crystal Kalinowski
Managing Director
District Capital

"We needed E&O Insurance and Fidelity Bond policies that would be in compliance with our Fannie Mae and Ginnie Mae filings. The standards for these agencies are fairly exacting. So, we needed someone with a lot of expertise in this area and Lee is the man. He has all the necessary contacts and got us exactly what we needed."
—Mark Havlik
Manager Licensing & Compliance
ResMac, Inc.

"Let me tell you, the good thing about Lee is that when you call him, he answers his phone every single time. If there's an issue, he jumps on it right away. That's the way I like to do business. I can call him right now, merge him into this conversation, and he'll answer. It doesn't matter where he's at. I highly recommend him. I don't refer anybody... but I would refer people to Lee."
—Johnny Margarini
Point Mortgage

“As we are all too familiar with, the Mortgage Banking, Real Estate and Insurance industries have gone through considerable change over the past several years. Skyhill's ability to reach out to the ever declining number of insurance carriers to competitively price, navigate through appropriate coverage, make sense of alarming increases in our annual policies and anticipate insurance industry change was limited before aligning ourselves with MBIG. Lee has helped us with anticipating change and with being adequately covered at the best possible price.”
—Jason Saito
VP of Finance
Skyhill Financial, Inc.

“When Lee and I connected it was almost like... boom boom boom. This is what you need. This is what it is. This is how it works. Any questions? He was very clear and concise. I responded that I only had one question. He answered it right there on the spot. Prior to meeting Lee, I thought finding the insurance we needed was way more difficult than it should be. But, after connecting with him it was seamless.”
—Kirkland Glover
Senior Vice President
United Mortgage Group

"I wanted to combine our two corporations under one insurance policy but had been told for 10 years that this wasn't possible. During my introduction to Lee, I mentioned this idea. He said, 'I believe you can. Let me look into it.' Based on his experience, he knew it was possible, knew the right questions to ask and the right people to talk to and got it done. We now have solid insurance at a significant savings."
—Laura Raney
Vintage Mortgage Group

“Between our mortgage bonds and Property & General Liability Insurance, we were working with five different companies. Now it's all with MBIG. I don't have to worry about coverages expiring or whom to call in a specific situation. The answers are just a phone call or email away and Denise takes care of it.”
—Andrea Markert
Chief Financial Officer
Amerisave Mortgage Corporation

“I don't have the time—or really the desire—to deal with all the details of our insurance. Lee has been recognized as an expert in the field, and we rely on that expertise. And, because he's getting quotes from several insurance companies, we're getting the best price and product available.So I don't need to worry about it.”
—Ken Perlmutter
Founder & President
Perl Mortgage

"I told Lee about my company and he immediately explained the insurance coverage I did–and didn't–need. Turns out, I was overpaying because elements of my coverage weren't necessary. So, in just one conversation, he helped me save thousands of dollars."
—T. Trinh
Home Loan Enterprise

“At this point, pretty much all our corporate insurance is with Mortgage Banking Insurance Group. It's not that I've handed him the business. I put him into the mix from a competitive standpoint, and he's always been able to "win the day" from the perspective of pricing, coverage and service. We recently moved our Professional Liability over to him. Rather than just automatically renew with the carrier, we gave Lee the opportunity to find us something better. He brought a carrier to us that we weren't familiar with, and the coverage and price were both better.”
—Michael Heagerty

“In my experience, insurance is very necessary. But, it's also very difficult to navigate. It's easy to be under-insured or over-insured. Lee definitely gets to know our company—he's not just an order-taker. Lee meets with me and other key people to discuss our requirements and business. With MBIG, I have the confidence that we are getting the correct coverages for our business—even as those needs change over time.”
—Paul Wylie
Wystein Capital

“We moved our insurance to Lee and MBIG, and the service has been great. We had an outstanding Ginnie Mae endorsement that our past broker couldn't figure out. Once we began working with Lee, he was able to get us that endorsement and back in compliance within a week.”
—Don Masula
People's Mortgage Company

“The market for Mortgage Banker E&O and Fidelity insurance is very specialized. There are only a few insurance companies that write this type of coverage. Fortunately, Lee knows who is writing it and how they write it. And, he's been able to negotiate good rates on our behalf. Even more, thanks to Lee's knowledge of our industry, he has been able to recommend coverages that aren't required by lenders, like Professional Liability, but which are important for the protection of our business. With Lee, we're dealing with someone who really knows our industry and the insurance we need.”
—Shelley Magoffin
President and Chief Executive Officer
Q10 | Dwyer-Curlett & Co.

“Lee Brodsky and MBIG have proven themselves to be knowledgeable about the insurance needs of my company and are quick to respond to any of my questions or requests. They found us several quotes and helped us determine which carrier offered the most effective coverage at the best value.”
—Michael Moskowitz
Equity Now

"We originally contacted Lee and Mortgage Banking Insurance Group to obtain a quote for E&O insurance and also gain some insight into this coverage. The last person we worked with would say 'I've been doing this for a long time so trust me.' It wasn't a clear picture of what was going on, why we needed the insurance and how the insurance worked. Lee was much more patient. He didn't mind explaining everything."
—Andrea Shintani
Shintani Group

"Our current insurance broker was unable to obtain the coverage we needed to finalize our GSE approval. I talked to Lee for the first time ever on a Monday afternoon, and he was able to update our policy by that Thursday. In that first conversation, I said to him, “Lee, what you’ve just told me in the last five minutes makes more sense than anything the many other people I’ve spoken to have said over the last four weeks."
—Kate Wilson
Public Policy and Government
Relations Specialist